My first ever frontend code challenge using React is over! Were tears involved in the process? That only God knows. I encountered some unexpected issues but I did my best to resolve them and I am proud of myself for not giving up and completing the task.

Now, what’s done is done and I’d like to have some time to think about the issues I had and try to understand why they happened and what would be the best way to fix them.

💯 Areas for Improvement & Questions

One of the general specifications of the challenge was to show profile data provided a JSON object…

This is a summary of my learning by making 3 small JS toy projects. I made Target Pointer, Shopping List, and Carrot Game. You can check the projects here. They include very basic yet essential front-end knowledge. Now, I am going to briefly illustrate 5 important concepts/things I learned.

in Target Pointer📍

— The code block below is an attempt to adjust the target image to be center.
— However, it does not work because targetHalfWidth and targetHalfHeigthare somehow `0`, even though it does not look like it on the browser.

const target = document.querySelector(“.target”);const targetRect = target.getBoundingClientRect(); const…

Long story short: Yes, you can.

I thought the array was the only answer!

So far, I’ve been only using arrays for state management in React. Because of its method — map(). When writing JSX, this particular array method can be very powerful.

Let’s give the object a chance

However, depending on the size of the data, to choose an array as a data structure might not be the best thing to do. I had had an experience where I wanted to use an object for state management but ended up changing it to an array, simply because I didn’t know how to implement it in JSX!

The solution is Object.keys()

Object.keys() returns…

First of all, I think it is important to mention that ReDI School is not just another fancy coding bootcamp in Berlin. ReDI School is about social integration and giving people opportunities. Fortunately enough, I got a chance to be part of the community, and here are the experiences I’d like to share.

1. Trust the Future Me

When I applied to ReDI School, I had to choose between the JavaScript course and the React course. At first, I applied for the JavaScript course and I didn’t think about that too much. …


A Berlin-based random foreigner who does front-end stuff.

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